Assassins: anyone can kill for money, but those who follow the Antivan traditions know how to do it with style. While every assassin is different, some favouring up close and personal kills and others striking at range, they are all deadly predators and skilled and exploiting their foe’s weaknesses.

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DC Bombshells Art Prints

Created by Ant Lucia

Available from QMXOnline

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≻ Kamigami no Asobi: Click and Drag Game

Guess what became popular much too quickly?

↳ Included Akira and Zeus for the laughs; I honestly could care less about the two, but some people like them so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

⇀ My Results:

Best Friend: Apollon
Lover: Takeru ♥
Enemy: Hades uuu
First Kiss: Takeru uUU
Fated to be with: Tsukito ow that hurts
Cockblocked by: Dionysus www

Best Friend: Baldr (meh)

Lover: Hades ( ♥u)

Enemy: Takeru (haha least fav so that works)

First Kiss: Takeru (…)

Fated to be with: Takeru (………..)

Cockblocked by: Takeru (………………….)


Some snazzy looking textless Disney Renaissance posters I’ve come across so far.

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Poor Hades…

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Drag-on Dragoon 3 Creation Materials Collection (Part 12)

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Turns out we’ve been playing pokemon wrong.


Turns out we’ve been playing pokemon wrong.

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